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Your resume is a dumpster fire.
Let us put out the flames.

Tired of being ignored for jobs like it's your Tinder dates? Make a better first impression, at a fraction of the cost of resume writing services.


Is This For You?

💼 You're not getting interviews or job offers😴 You're tired of your resume being deleted by recruiters🤷 You're not sure why your resume isn't getting traction👔 You want to make a better first impression🤞 You want to improve your chances of getting hired🫵 You want to receive honest-direct feedback on your resume💰 You don’t want to pay $500 for simple edits you can add

What Am I Getting?

A critiqued PDF of your resume with pointers and actionable steps to take to transform your resume.Instead of some guy named Terence editing it for you for $60 an hour, we give you the steps to change for pennies on the dollar.

Recruiters spend an average of just 7.4 seconds reviewing a resume.That's fast.

How It Works

If this part trips you up, your resume isn’t your biggest problem...

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You might be saying “Wow, that’s so cheap” and yes, yes it is Donovan! (imagine if that’s your name)Getting a job can be stressful and thousand dollar career writing services are criminal. So, we made something better.We love roasting the sh*t out of bad resumes, and we love helping people get employed - This is the perfect combo for us. We hope it is for you too.

If we're unable to help you, we'll refund you and roast ourselves.

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